Dustin pass is a person who created   a Forex trading tool. A good example that is related to this person is the Profit Agent. The price for this new product “TOM's EA” , is still unknown but it is expected to range from $1700 to $2000 just like all other products from him. As always, this product is expected to perform as well.

To maters the art of Forex trading is not always easy. However, with Dustin pass products, you are guaranteed to get all the help you need to be profitable in that area. Many people have received all the help they needed to be successful. However if you do not know who is Dustin pass or you simply trying to know more about him and the way he raise to success, then read through this review.

Information on Dustin pass

Dustin Pass is known to be a mentor as well as an online trader who developed many Forex train products and systems.  Pass is the CEO (chief executive officer) and the president of the Forex trader’s daily and elemental trader as well.  He is also the founder of traders network LLC and the innovator of rapid signal software among others. The guy is great because he serves as a master funds manager and a well-known Forex trader across many different trading platforms. This is because of his profitable and remarkable live on the news trading services and capabilities.

Through trading; he received considerable attention from different media houses and different magazines as well. Moreover, because of his bank flow strategy trading room, which increases the big institutional trading’s power to allow small-time retail traders generate quite a big profit from it.

Many people say that this is made possible through his extensive number of contacts in the industry that has made the guy successful. Well, this is true; pas has an extensive contact list that any person is guaranteed to get profits through his tools and in the industry. This is the foundation that he has that makes Dustin pass a professional trader and an expert in what he does. His contacts range from some of the huge banks in to the smaller banks in the world of trading. These banks offer different trading levels from different currencies.


Pass serves as an adviser to traders who spend long time in trading. Some of the tasks that he does are helping traders comply with the trading requirements like:-

  • conducting research
  • gathering data
  • making plans
  • coming up with smooth decision

Moreover, he ensures that traders take time in planning and thinking over some of their actions in order for them to get profits. Remember, without proper planning, you will end up losing.


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Tom EA is a great Forex tool by Dustin Pass ,that has proved to be one of the best tools to have. This tool is very important to those people who love trading. This product stands out as an anticipated Forex root.Tom’s EA stands out today as one the best automated trading systems ever built. This product has two years of proven results on a live account. All throughout the two years, this product has continuously ranked as the top tool to have when trading.

Over the past two years tom EA has been running on hundreds and hundreds of computers around the world. It is true that trading through the Forex market has been quite difficult lately especially to newbies as well as experienced traders. However, using certain Forex strategies such as Tom EA has made trading very easy and profitable as well. There are several videos that describe this tool and its uses. Moreover, there are other videos that demonstrate the way one can trade and achieve profit in the process using this product. For new people in trading industry, these videos can be very helpful to them when they are venturing into the business.

Several important aspects of tom EA

Every trader wants to seek the biggest profit as possible. This product has the ability to generate 8% to 12% in returns every month.Even though this tool is known to help you gain as much profit as you can every month, it is not all about getting quick money because many people confuse this tool for making quick buck.
Well, the trick for trading using this tool is to have patients. Even though the price tag for this toll is quite high, the returns on investments are significantly high. In general, it works both ways.

How much can you earn with tom EA ?

When this tool what tested in a period of 6 months,it generated around 12% per month. Well, if you ask any trader they will definitely tell you that they would like to get this type of return. You can try this tool yourself by going at home and trying it yourself on any trading solution.

What currency pair does tom works on?

Well, tom EA works on several different currencies.It is Obvious that some currencies move quicker than others. However, this will be based on your account size. This device is found to work best on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, EURJPY, and AUDNZD.

Every Forex trader knows that before trading, you need to have a plan that must work. Moreover, you should have the best tool that works well for you. Well, if you do not any of the above requirements, then be sure that odds are you will lose everything.